What Changes Occur With Liposuction

This surgery is one of the most performed in the world of the cosmetic industry and is that the high demand that exists for liposuction year after year increases. This type of surgery has been performed since the years 70 ́s and its objective is to remove excess fat found in specific areas of the body. This operation carried out by specialists is a technique that does not take a lot of time. Still, it is necessary that it is performed by people who have the professionalism and knowledge of this procedure.

This procedure is primarily indicated for thin people who have areas where there is a lot of fat accumulation. By undergoing this plastic surgery Tijuana, the patient will be able to eliminate the accumulation of fat that affects their body contour. The amount of fat that is removed with this treatment is minimal because there is a certain amount. The areas where fat extraction can be focused on are the inner thighs, abdomen, arms, and thighs.

Being able to get rid of this fat that can cause noise in the weight of the person, has several benefits, and is that one kilo less, has a radical change in the functioning of the body. Of course, it is when the fat to be removed is not much.

What are the benefits of losing weight?

Goodbye Inflammation

By being able to extract the fat, in this case from the abdomen, it allows the area not to be so infamous and the inflammation not so visible. In general, when a person loses weight, the levels of pain and inflammation caused by extra weight are reduced. Therefore, if the individual has arthritis problems, it is likely that undergoing a treatment to eliminate fat, and therefore weight, the symptoms of this disease will decrease.


When the patient undergoes this procedure, it tends to improve self-esteem because it tends to feel more comfortable with its new look. In the same way, if it is complemented with a proper diet and physical activities, the person can be charged with energy that is reflected in their appearance.


The excess fat found in the abdominal area, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, is one of the main factors why this disease can appear. In recent years it has been determined that, if you want to reduce the symptoms caused by diabetes, one of the best methods is for you to lose weight. This, of course, must be accompanied by constant exercise.

Decreases the risk of premature osteoarthritis

Patients with weight problems tend to suffer from osteoarthritis, mainly in areas such as the knee and hip. Mostly because these areas are not adapted to bear weight. With the gain of one kilo, the knees are gradually weakened. Recent studies have determined that, by eliminating 500 grams of weight, two kilos of tension in the joints can be removed.

Loss of urine

This detail is widespread in people who have a lot of fat in the abdominal area because it presses on the bladder area, causing urine leakage.

There are many benefits to losing body fat, and a quick but safe way is through liposuction. This treatment must be accompanied by a balanced diet and constant exercise so that there is no rebound in the weight of the person.