The Best Travel Hair Dryer You can Get is Also Unbelievably Affordable

For years women have found it challenging to find a powerful hair dryer suitable for travel that offers all of the power and features of a standard-sized model. But a standard-sized hair dryer is heavy and bulky. As a result, space is limited in one’s suitcase, and passengers on flights run the risk of checking bags that are too heavy. As a result, many prioritize finding the best travel hair dryer that will keep one’s hair looking salon fresh all day and night long. 

With the holidays just weeks away, there is still ample time to buy a MINI travel hair dryer from Instyler, a hair styling tool regarded by many as being the best travel hair dryer, and one that is extremely affordable.

The Best Travel Hair Dryer is Under $30!

This is not a typo; the MINI travel hair dryer by Instyler offers a tremendous amount of power with all the features you care the most about, and it only costs $29.99! Some people will see what many call the best travel hair dryer, they will notice the low price, and will pass it up because they are under the false impression that a low cost equals low quality. However, this couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. Ingenuity and smart design keep costs highly competitive while giving consumers exceptional quality. So don’t get shy when you see the low sticker price attached to the MIMI–the best travel hair dryer on the market.

The Features that Come with the Best Travel Hair Dryer

A Quora report revealed that 97 percent of all women shopping for the best travel hair dryer they can find have a singular common need: fast drying time. And indeed the MINI offers lightening quick drying times because it has all the power of a full size blow dryer. Now women can dry their hair before a meeting, in their dorm before a class, or before a date in quick time while still getting a mesmerizing shine and tons of body. 

The MINI also has dual voltage making it perfect for taking overseas. If your daughter is spending a semester in England or is going to Argentina with her school for the summer, the MINI is the best travel hair dryer you can get her that can be used on any nation’s grid and that’s easily mobile. In fact, you can even fit it in a gym bag, backpack, or purse!

It’s other features include a high compression turbine fan (which helps make it have such a fast drying time), tourmaline ceramic grill for even heat distribution and speedy drying, and the fact that it is ideal for all hair types and lengths makes it the best travel hair dryer you will ever own.