Metallic Or Invisible Braces?

For a long time, bracket treatment seemed to focus on children and adolescents. Today we realize that this treatment is not only indicated for these age ranges, but also adults are betting on this type of procedure to improve the structure of their teeth. One of the reasons why adults did not undergo bracket treatment was because they tend to be very colorful, which could bring insecurity or sorrow, so they tried to avoid this treatment. Due to all the advances that have arisen in the dental area, at present, different types of brackets adapt to the patient’s problem.

Metal brackets

This product is made almost entirely of stainless steel and is ultimately the most used in the dental area, so it is considered as the traditional treatment. This type of brackets allows for correcting all the damages that present the teeth, the reason why it is one of the preferred ones by the border dental clinics.

Speaking of the patient, it is a much more economical technique than its other variants. Although at first, it may cause some discomfort because the patient is not used to it, over time, you will feel comfortable with the procedure. Although they are more resistant than other types of brackets, they are usually not very aesthetic. That is why many opt for other methods that are not so visible.

Aesthetic Brackets

It has the same function as the traditional ones, the only difference is that this type of brackets have a more discreet appearance, so they are not usually as visible as the metallic ones. The people who undergo this treatment are generally adults who do not want to attract so much attention, so they opt for ceramic or sapphire brackets. The characteristic of this more aesthetic treatment that the components are transparent and let you see the natural color of the tooth. This can be an advantage because it allows the elements not to change color.

But one of the disadvantages is that, if the color of the teeth tends to present a yellowish pigment, the brackets will look at this color. The elements that make up this type of treatment are based on white so that they stand out less; this does not mean that the duration will not be the same as in the traditional ones. And concerning the discomfort they cause, they are basically the same as in the traditional ones.

Lingual Brackets

They are one of the most discreet brackets as their placement is done on the inside of the tooth, so they are not visible. For this type of treatment, the specialist will first need to talk to the patient to explain how the procedure is and for whom the treatment is indicated. The type of material used is the same as traditional brackets, the only difference is that these are not placed on the outside or visible part of the tooth.

Because it is a procedure that can take a little more time because it is more complicated to place the elements in this part, it usually has high costs. For their placement, it is necessary to use software where the dentist will perform a simulation of the procedure so you can have a better idea about how they will look at the time of being placed in the patient.


It does not belong to the bracket variants, but it is an alternative to the procedure. Its main characteristic is that the pieces are very discreet since they are transparent; it is a material that is removed and put at the time of eating or performing certain activities. These aligners don’t interfere with speech; they do not fall off. It is definitely an excellent option.

It is necessary that the person can be advised by a specialist so that together they can determine which treatment is right for the patient.