Do You Know What Treatments A Beauty Clinic Or Spa Offers?

Nowadays, we all know what a spa (cosmetic clinic) is, but few people know all the treatments that can be offered within these spaces. It is essential to clarify that spas not only offer massages, but there is a wide variety of procedures that can be done by people who work within the establishment.

Starting from the most popular treatment, massages.

Relaxing massages: It is a therapy that aims to improve the welfare of the patient. This is done through movements that the masseur will perform so that each part of the body can rest. These massages are perfect when relaxation is needed because the movements used by the masseur are gentle.

Massages for athletes: This type of massage is more common in sportsmen and athletes as they can often present special contractures. These massages are ideal when the person has muscle ailments. Many of these discomforts are due to suffering tensions, so the masseur must break these knots that are generated by the stress. The movements, unlike the relaxing massage, are stronger.

Shaping the body: Just as its name says, are those who are destined to contour the mass of people. For this type of massage, the therapist or masseur will make movements aimed at destroying the fat and contouring the silhouette. It is recommended that for a noticeable change, people attend sessions frequently.

Post-surgical: These massages are recommended when the person recently underwent a plastic surgery Tijuana. The purpose of this treatment is to drain all the toxins and accumulations that were generated within the body. This helps prevent fluid retention and improves the healing process.

We can say that these are the best-known massages, these three arise variants such as hot stones, massage with bamboo, among others. Followed by these treatments, the facials are also well known within this area.


Deep Cleansing Facial: Characterized by the elimination of comedones that can damage the appearance of the skin.

Anti-aging: Products and appliances are used to improve the production of collagen and elastin. These two components are vital to the skin’s continued elasticity. Similarly, ingredients can be applied to depigment the face with excessive blemishes.

Moisturizers: Their objective is to improve and provide hydration to skin with a tendency to dryness. This is due to the use of col products with high amounts of nutrients and moisturizing components.

Like massages, these three treatments are broken down into different procedures that are aimed at a specific category, the only differentiator is the equipment and products used, but the purpose is the same. For example, microdermabrasion is anti-aging.

Just as there are facial procedures, there are also body procedures. This category includes all those treatments aimed at removing body hair, either through the wax, pulsed light or laser. Likewise, some have the purpose of improving specific areas where there are problems of cellulite, stretch marks, or varicose veins. Or to treat some fat accumulation.

Depending on the spa, some places offer treatments that require professionals to implement botox, platelet-rich plasma, or filler applications. The spas or aesthetic clinics are an ideal place to perform any of these treatments because they offer many services according to the needs of the person. So now you know, not only go for a massage but more treatments.