Beware Of These Habits, Or You May Develop Digestive Cancers

Certain habits that we wear in our daily lives can trigger problems in our health and are not always problems that a simple pill can eliminate, but can cause tumors. And in more severe cases, the appearance of digestive cancers. Year after year, we have seen an increase in this condition, it is increasingly common to meet people who suffer from this serious disease, so the fear is increasing that it may develop in us. But did you know that it is possible to avoid its appearance by eating a healthy diet?

Few people know that a balanced diet can prevent the appearance of cancerous tumors, so here are some tips for implementing in your daily life.

Lower the levels of red meat in your diet

Although red meat can be very rich, excessive consumption of these foods and processed meat have a direct impact on the formation of cancerous tumors in the colon. The UN compares its influence with that of tobacco, and this organization mentions that the damage of processed meat may be more serious than that of the cigar itself. If we think about it, the damage caused by meat is very logical. Because they contain high levels of protein, it is stored in the intestine for much longer, generating the production of toxins that cause the appearance of tumors.

Don’t eat so many sugars or fats

People who usually consume many products with high levels of sugar and fat have a protein in their blood that causes inflammation. Areas of inflammation are preferred for cancer cells because they allow them to grow. Not only is it essential to look at it from the cancer side, but the ingestion of these two elements produces various diseases that damage the whole body, such as diabetes, overweight, or obesity. Also, as the appearance of periodontal diseases, which will require consultation with a holistic dentist Tijuana.

Do not consume grain products

The fiber found in the different grains has a cleansing effect on the cone, eliminating impurities that could later cause cancer. The intake of the fiber reduces by almost 20% the risk of suffering from cancer in the area of the colon, which is why it is so essential that in your diet, there are always products with a high percentage of fiber.

Don’t forget vitamin B6

This vitamin may allow a 40% reduction in the chance of getting colorectal cancer. This is because it decreases the inflammation that occurs in the body. Some foods rich in this vitamin are: nuts, bluefish, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts. Always try to add these products to your diet.

Beware of smoked or salty foods.

In many cases, cancer is caused by a bacterium found in our stomach called Helicobacter pylori. This microorganism can be harmless, but if you eat smoked or very salty food, it can generate compounds that damage the mucous membrane of the stomach. Lesions formed in this unprotected area make it easier to get cancer. That is why it is essential to try to avoid their consumption or that it is not frequent the ingestion of these foods.

Beware of omeprazole

Abuse of this drug can double the risk of stomach cancer, so it is vitally important that there is no excessive intake of this drug, better consult your doctor.

As you can see, giving up certain habits or exceeding them can cause people to suffer from a tumor; it is always recommended to eat a healthy and balanced diet where there are no excesses in the consumption of something. Likewise, constant exercise is necessary to avoid this disease.